I rarely believe any thing sports media reports on a National or local level, as most report based upon hearsay, speculation, & lack of credible sources. Their "source close to the situation" is crapola most times.

Profootballtalk.com I do however, consider to be the most reliable these days for accuracy & honesty in reporting. Below is a link to their opinion on the current rumors related to Pioli's extension.

I would like to point out a comment within their article related to Pioli's extension. PFT know's who those people are & so do I. Those people who "dislike Pioli", since he came to KC, because he didn't kiss their butts like former GM Peterson. They have done their best to crucify Pioli among a fan base that typically buys any thing media says or reports as gospel. Even though much of whats been reported has been false based upon ONLY hearsay, gossip, unreliable, & non credible sources. Clark Hunt made it perfectly clear to the KC Star, which they ran a story misleading fans yet again, even after Clark made it clear.."we don't discuss our contracts with the public"...including media.

Profootballtalk.com - "Thereís also a chance that folks who donít like Pioli are pushing embellished, exaggerated, and/or fabricated facts in order to foment further fan discontent regarding Hunt and Pioli, fanning the flames so that Hunt will feel like he has no choice but to move on. Either way, someone is dead wrong on this one."

^^^ TRUTH!!

King confirms report that Pioli was not offered extension | ProFootballTalk