CHIEFS: Ranked 32 (last week 27)
This is getting ugly very, very fast. Brady Quinn continued the underwhelming quarterback play, which isn't surprising. What is surprising is how the defense has been getting torched this season. Tampa Bay produced 463 yards of offense despite only having the ball for 26 minutes. That speaks to lots of big plays or "chunk" yardage, like Mike Williams' 62-yard touchdown catch. Or another 62-yard grab by Tiquan Underwood ( Tiquan Underwood?!). Or Doug Martin's 42-yard catch-and-run. Take your pick. Oh, and on the subject of picks, the Chiefs aren't getting enough of those, either -- at least not enough to make up for all the yards allowed.

NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Falcons at No. 1; Chiefs hit cellar -