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Thread: Report: Dolphins a Potential Trade Partner for Bowe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewschiefs View Post
    I agree. Guy sits out all camp wanting top dollar then gets out preformed by Dexter Mccluster twice in 6 games. Goes against a Tampa d that gives up over 300 yards a game passing and puts up a whopping 21 yards and gets out prefromed by the backup te. He's a great talent but just doesn't bring it every week I would rather have a slightly less talent that is going to bring it every week myself.
    He was outperformed by McCluster and our backup TE b/c Brady Quinn can't throw the ball to the outside of the field. Go back and watch the tape (I did). McCluster and Maneri frequently ran routes in the middle of the field, hence why they had better days than Bowe/Baldwin.

    It's unfortunately not as simple as saying "OH THIS PLAYER DID WORSE THAN OUR BACKUP TE THEREFORE HE SUCKS." Pay attention to the offense, the plays they are calling, who Quinn's first read is (McCluster/Maneri in the middle of the field on several plays), and you'll get a better idea of why things played out the way they did and why certain players produced better than others (HINT: a lot of it had to do with who was under center).

    And just to provide further backup of my assessment of the game film, ProFootballFocus had Quinn as the 3rd lowest rated quarterback last week (ahead of Fitzpatrick and Alex Smith).
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