I just saw this video posted by FB Group Tecmo Super Bowl

Its a NFL Film prsenting TECMO SUPER BOWL

And I quote Christian's words "When I Played .. I was fearless .. I tried to play the game the way I tought it supossed to be played"

Man we need some kinda of mentality like that over today's Chiefs!

BTW here's the TOP List from Players of that Game and the link to watch the video. Today on ESPN2 will be air this film.


1. Bo Jackson – easy call
2. QB Eagles (Randall Cunningham) – ultimate weapon
3. Christian Okoye – still looks like he could run guys over
4. Jerry Rice – the 49ers are so good, they are rarely used in today’s tournaments
5. Barry Sanders – gets the nod over Thurman Thomas

1. Lawrence Taylor – the Bo Jackson equivalent on D
2. Derrick Thomas – still lives on for Tecmo fans
3. David Fulcher – he was good in real life, game makes him great
4. Leslie O.Neal (sic) – not as highly touted as others, but I always liked using him
5. Wayne Haddix – like Packers NT Bob Nelson, one of the games great mistakes