Todays game is a prime example of just how bad this coaching staff is and how bad this is hurting the team.

This is not a team that doesn't have the talent to compete. Brandon Carr was this teams biggest loss. This was a team who despite losing 3 key players early in the season last year with this talent managed to stay in the playoff hunt in the AFC west till week 16.

Yet here we are not even halfway through the season and it's clear to every one that this team is going to be no where close to being a playoff team. So If the talent is mostly there from a year ago why is that.


This team had an extra week to get ready for the Oakland Raiders. Yet it was Oakland that came out CLEARLY the team that was more ready to play the game of football.

What did the Chiefs look like. They looked the same as they have at any other point this season. They turned the ball over. They didn't show anything to make the Raiders think they had to worry about the Chiefs taking the ball and scoring anything but a few field goals.

Much has been made about the poor QB play that has been seen with the Chiefs this year. Many have piled on Matt Cassel. But the truth is that with this coaching staff Cassel really doesn't have much of a shot to be a good QB. No QB would look great with the coaching staff that has been put in place in KC.

That's not to say Cassel has done anything at all the fact is that he hasn't and is just as much to do with why this team is where they are as anyother other player. If not more so.

But when your head coach decides that instead of taking a shot and trying to make something happen right before the half that you're just going to take a knee and play just to stay close. You're not going to win many games in the NFL. That's been proven over the years. The NFL has changed from a just grind it out game. With all the rules changes in favor of the offense. Those days are for the most part over.

The Chiefs made a mistake giving the job to Todd Haley they fired him. They made a mistake again by having Romeo Crennel as his replacement. That's clear by the 1-6 mark.

The Chiefs made a mistake by giving Matt Cassel the keys to the offense. But they have made even bigger ones with the head coaches that they have chosen to lead this team.

And for that Scott Pioli should be worried for his job. He's now 0-2 when it comes to picking head coaches. That's just not simply going to be enough. If he is able to stick around this it a MUST GET IT RIGHT head coach hireing. He's down in the count 0-2 he can no longer afford to swing and miss on anther head coach hire. If he does get that chance he has lost the right to be wrong and keep his job. Pioli's seat needs to be REAL hot right now. This is just not an acceptable product on the field for him to go on to much longer. Scoot Pioli is the one that is responsable for this mess. Right now I don't think many fans care to see him get a shot to work this team out of it.