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can agree with you matthewschiefs if the blame was being placed solely on qb play, but it's not. Yes, a lot of threads and comments have been made just to hate on Matt Cassel and deservedly so. Most of the fan base as I can tell is now looking at the entire situation.

There are complaints being made about the top of the organization to the bottom. With all the bad vibes I would think that someone has to be ran out of town...soon.

Yes, we haven't had a good coach since Vermeil was here. We have had some good coordinators fill in as HC but it just doesn't work. I don't believe that any coach can make the Chiefs a contender in a pass driven league with Matt Cassel at the helm. To compare a first round picks recent success to the caliber of Matt Cassel isn't reasonable. Alex Smith has far superior arm strength, accuracy, decision making, and athleticism than Matt Cassel. I do understand what you are trying to say but I don't believe it applies to this situation.
There is a group that has placed blame on the QBs alone. I have read that if we had Joe Flacco we would be a winning team. Amoung many other post saying how much better this team would be if "we had a real QB" to which I have defended the QBs time and time again and will keep doing so.

I am not saying that a great head coach will make Matt Cassel suddenly a great QB. But I think he would play much better if he had a proven head coach. I mention Alex smith not because I think there on the same talent level they are not. But Smith was much like Cassel bashed by his fan base. Niners fans wanted him gone as well. Given a good head coach he started to play more to his talent level. Cassel hasn't played to his talent level. A proven head coach could help him do so. That's why I defend him. Do I want him to be the long term guy. No I don't I want a guy who can carry the team. But would I be opposed to seeing him with a real head coach no I wouldn't.

And that's not just with the QB there are a number of guys who are not playing up to there talent level on this team. They are suffering from poor head coaching and a poor coaching staff. I use the niners as an example of that as well. A couple of years ago we deystroyed them at Arrowhead and they had a horrible year. They got a good head coach and last year they went to the NFC title game. The niners are proof of how much a head coach can make a difference that's my biggest point here.