Something isn't working and I'm thinking heads will roll after this season.

IF we replace Pioli and the entire coaching staff AND are successful in finding competent replacements...what happens next?

My immediate answer is to draft a 1st round qb. We need some type of franchise qb to compete in this league.

My concerns with getting a new young qb is that a lot of the great pieces we have now will be gone. We have a young improving o-line. (If we resign Albert) so thats not a concern. I don't see Jamaal Charles playing past 29 since his production is based mostly on speed (He'll be 27 next year), so we will need a RB (those aren't too hard to find). Bowe might be gone, he's not a good leader but is a good playmaking WR. Baldwin hasn't shown anything and there aren't any other #1 options.

The defense could be saved IMO with a good DC who is only the DC and not head coach. It would be great to go back to a 4-3 with the pieces we have there now. (I don't like that we switched to the 3-4 because everyone was doing it, it was working because tweeners were falling in the draft because not many teams ran it then) Derrick Johnson is 29 and will provide good leadership. Houston should be a staple as well as Hali. The D-Line will probably be shaken up depending on what Dorsey and Jackson do. We have 3 nice project DT's that will be around for a while. The secondary needs a top CB to work with Flowers. Flowers is a great leader and is more than willing to help develop a young stud CB. (we need to take advantage of that). We will see how much of Berry is back next year, he isn't recovered.

There are a LOT of decisions to be made if the majority of Chiefs fans get their wishes of a clean house. What other situations would we have to be aware of outside of players age?

Question: Is there anyone on the current coaching staff that should keep a job here? A line coach or anything?