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I agree with you about the O-line although we do still need depth. This can be addressed through FA or late round project picks.

My bigger question is what do you think about the D-Line? Let's assume that Dorsey is gone and Jackson restructures. That'd leave us with (Bailey, Powe) for RDE, Poe at NT and Jackson at LDE. Do we still need more top tier (read 1st, 2nd or 3rd round picks) for the D-line? We started to get to Peyton but that's simply because as you or someone else said earlier our secondary put a blanket over Denver's WR's.

Poe will be in his 2nd year so I'm good with keeping him. Put Powe as his back up. Jackson has been good with the rush and can take up a double team but even with our LB's don't seem to get to the QB enough. Bailey seems to be the same even though this is his second year. Do we let these guys have time to grow together? Are we at depth filling time too(4th - 7th rounders or FA)?

To me we need another guard in the 3rd or 4th. Someone that can step in if/when our guys go down. This patchwork we have going on now (getting an UFA from Iowa State off waver wires?!?) isn't going to work long term. Same goes with our D-line unless Shaun Smith stays I think we need more depth.

Teo has been tearing it up. I'd LOVE to see Belcher finally replaced and then we'd be pretty much set in our LB'er core for years to come. Pick up a QB or trade our two 3rds to get back into the first to get our new QB. So here's my thoughts...IF no QB really asserts himself as a top tier guy that should go first.

1st - Teo
2nd/trade back into 1st - Wilson
3rd/4th (Hopefully we have one third left) - best guard available.
5th - best WR available
6th - best WR available
7th - best fullback available

A QB does assert himself as top tier guy:
1st - best QB
2nd - best WR
3rd - best WR available
3rd- best CB available
4th - best guard available
5th - best safety available
6th - best fullback available (yes in the 6th!)
7th - best guard available

I dont object to either of these except I would prefer to see the guard you mention to be a G/C. Also, I dont think we need two WR, I would rather see the best of WR/CB/ILB instead. Good C/G prospects can easily be had in the 3rd, 4th and even 5th rounds.