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Thread: Geno Smith vs Matt Barkley

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    Quote Originally Posted by nigeriannightmare View Post
    So the guy who is Heisman finalist who is the lifeblood of his team is comparable to Aaron curry?????? Really????? Secondly the stock of Geno smith and Matt Barkley are continuing to drop I have seen Geno as low as 15 and Barkley at 22. You would reach for a qb with the number 1 or 2 pick in the draft when we could get a guy who is the best athlete in draft and get a comparable qb in either the late 1st or early 2nd. We have drafted for need a lot2 of your fave picks Dorsey and Jackson because of need and not best player available.
    Please don't use the Heisman award as evidence that a guy will be a good NFL player. Look at this list going back to 2000:

    2011: Robert Griffin III
    2010: Cam Newton
    2009: Mark Ingram
    2008: Sam Bradford
    2007: Tim Tebow
    2006: Troy Smith
    2004: Matt Leinart
    2003: Jason WHite
    2002: Carson Palmer
    2001: Eric Crouch
    2000: Chris Weinke

    Smith's stock is not dropping. He's the top QB in this draft. He's accurate, throws a deep ball, and is athletic enough to use his feet to make plays.

    I mean, I don't get how 50% of the people on this site (at least it seems like that) DON'T want to draft THE BEST QB IN THE DRAFT. The Chiefs haven't had a quarterback they drafted win a game since 1987 in Todd Blackledge. Coincidentally, they haven't drafted a 1st round quarterback since Blackledge. They haven't won a playoff game since 1993, and yet everyone is fine w/ getting a quarterback w/ less talent in the 2nd round? Is this real life? Do we really just want to continue sucking year in and year out because we continue to ignore the most important position on the field?

    I'm sorry, I just can't understand the logic of some here.

    On one hand we have a Chiefs team that has 8, yes 8 touchdown passes in 12 weeks compared to 16 interceptions.

    Then we have the fact that this team averages 15.7 points per game (2nd worst in the league next to Arizona at 15.5). They went from week 5 to week 12 and scored only 3 touchdowns.

    But yes, let's bring in a linebacker that everyone is hyping up because his team is playing in the national championship and he's a heisman candidate, and draft a quarterback later in the draft, from a pool of candidates that is admittedly "weak." That makes no sense, especially when you have the most talented option (Geno) available for your taking. Matt Ryan, by the way, also wasn't a highly coveted can't miss prospect. Do you think the Dolphins are kicking themselves for drafting Jake Long instead?

    If you don't read anything else in this post, please read this: It especially doesn't make sense to draft a linebacker because that position is increasingly being phased out as teams go more pass heavy. Think of it this way, Te'o is only going to play on obvious running situations. Why is that? Because as teams bring out 3/4 WR personnel, the Chiefs have to counter by bringing out their Nickel CB. So who do you take off the field? Pass rushers Houston/Hali? NO. Derrick Johnson? NO. Te'o won't even be a 3-down player for this defense folks!

    Geno is the closest thing to a franchise QB in this draft. There is absolutely zero reason to risk missing out on a franchise QB (a foreign term to this franchise and it's fans) so we can take a middle linebacker.

    /end rant
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