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Im not a fan of taking 2 QBs in one draft. I dont think the fact that they took Kirk Cousins is what will put them in the playoffs. It is the fact that they took RG3. Cousins was a luxury pick that works in a draft that is deep in QBs. I dont think this years draft is that deep, pus we have too many holes to take what I consider luxury picks.
Without Cousins, the Skins lose that game to Baltimore and RG3 may not be able to play this Sunday. Cousins was NOT a luxury pick. The Skins needed a pair of good QB's.

I don't care if people think there are too many holes on the Chiefs right now. The biggest hole is the QB position and they have to first start there.

Every QB that they have drafted since 1970 has been a BUST. They need to double-dip in this draft.