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Well DJ is signed through 2015. There's no questions to answer. Whoever the 4th LB is in the Chiefs 3-4 is going to come off the field in passing situations, otherwise you're putting yourself in a disadvantageous situation personnel wise before you even snap the ball.

If they switch to a 4-3? Even less of a need for him.
There's a lot of questions to answer. Tell me how you know for sure that the coach Romeo or whoever is the coach will want to use him the same exact way that Noter Dame has? How do you know a Coach couldn't find a way to use him in those passing situations. He has shown a talent for finding a way to make plays in the passing game 7 picks (again more then twice what anyone on this team has in 1 less game) It's possible

I'm just not a believer that you only draft for need. That's IMO a big reason why we are in the mess that we are. We have bypassed so many great players in drafts to draft for need in the past. Now when the players that we had at those areas have retired or moved on in someway or anther we are seeing what happens. I go back to the Packers Aaron Rodgers QB was not there need at that time they could have said Farve will do us anther year we can get a QB next year. They didn't and now they are seeing the reward for it.

I would agree that you should give priority to the needs but we have to look at all options. You're limiting Teo to just the position he plays. There have been many players who have changed positions are have been used differently then they were in college and done well. You're also limiting us to that 1st pick. We could draft Teo then later in the first round trade up and get a QB we could get Teo AND fill that need. There are so many things we can do. We HAVE TO LOOK AT HIM. He's been to good in college to ignore.