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I wouldn't do that because again I am not even saying to draft Teo. I just don't buy this we have to take a QB with our 1st pick mindset so many have. We can get a QB in so many ways. We are so bad right now that no matter how much people want to deny it we need help just about everywhere. From the GM on down. We are going to have a very good draft spot. We have to be SMART with it. If we don't see it in any QBs then don't take them over guys we do see it in. I have said over and over again I don't know that Teo is the guy. I don't know how many more times I have to say it. But we have to look at him. Drafting the wrong QB could set us back a lot longer then not drafting a QB at all this year if we don't see it in any of the QBS. I'm not saying we won't see it in any of the QBS but you and so many are so high on Geno that you make it out to be a no brainer it's not that simple IMO. Geno could be just the guy. Then again he might not. But that doesn't mean it would be smart to draft him just because we need a QB. Every draft pick in the 1st round takes some risk. You just have to make it an educated risk not rule out anyone that's out there. Geno could be THE GUY Teo could be THE GUY we just have to see who we think THE GUY is.
THE GUY has to be a QB because a QB impacts teams FAR MORE than an MLB in this league.