Okay you guys convinced us you are correct, no Te'o, so lets get over him. NO TE'O OKAY!

But just because we need a QB is no reason to jump on one just because he is a QB, if all the scouts, coaches, talking heads and GM's say one QB is not worth any pick before the 25th do you still want to jump on one with the first pick?

What we are saying is to look at the best player available in a position of need (and just say no to Te'o) and yes we need a QB we agree with you. We are not obsessing with one player like some are (Geno). Now if Geno moves up the draft board in the post season games and workouts we are fine with drafting him but if he doesn't, then move on with someone else (CB, OL, DL, WR all needs, just one rated in the top 5) and look for a QB somewhere else.