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Next years first round draft pick! Oh that is right. No franchise QB, because there isn't one worth taking the risk of giving the number one over all.
If none of the QB's in college step up I would be fine with taking a stud CB, MLB, or something like that because this years QB class looks like a repeat of the 2006 class. No use wasting a really high pick on a QB that we know/should know will not turn out to be elite. Might as well get some more studs and try to get a serviceable QB to come in for a year and try again next year. Plus, we would then have a veteran to help the learning curve of that young QB we draft in the future.

Only problem with this is I believe the team is capable of being very competitive now, if we just had a decent QB to get our receivers the ball, and more so not turn the ball over so much. I think if we took another year without trying to get a young QB there could be many players that would want out because we are not addressing the most important issue with the team.

Im just worried that our biggest need is at QB and that we will end up taking one because of the pressure to take one and make a change, and this years QB class so far has not been that impressive.