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To Seek and MyManHali,

I offer another alternative that may be worthy of consideration & admittedly this is a copy and paste job from a post I made in another thread, but here it is nonetheless:

"The only other alternative that I can think of is maybe working a reasonable trade with Washington for Kirk Cousins. You may be possibly getting a Trent Green type of player in Cousins. It's no bigger of a risk than drafting a QB. They could keep their 1st round choice & perhaps trade down a few slots and take Te'o the LB from ND, who can play in a 3-4 or 4-3. Perhaps this is the route that they should go."

What are thoughts on this?
I was a little upset that Cousins went to the Redskins with the fourth round and the Chiefs passed on him taking two positions that I would rather have gone with our first instead of POE DUNK...

That being said, he has played this year and his stats are something I would not bank on as being a franchise player. Granted he is just a rookie but did throw a TD and two picks but it looks like he will have to be a Trent Green type of guy who works his butt off in a system with talent around him to perform. Not something I am currently seeing with the Chiefs coaching staff.

I wouldn't mind trading for him, but we will still need to draft someone else too. I am not sold on Barkley or Geno at this time given what they have done in adversity, and I am sure there are others who will jump up after the combine, but no one is currently projected to be a franchise stud and that bothers me since there are so many demanding we have to Draft QB with the First. I think it would be foolish to draft QB just because we have to. If that QB is a truly a franchise player which I am not a professional to say he is or is not then okay.

I do think that Washington will request more than a 4th for Cousins, which is what they gave up for him. Maybe they will take Cassel as a back up.