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Worthlessburger takes about the longest time in the league to throw a pass, but he has receivers that keep playing instead of running the route and then stopping and putting their hands on their hips while watching Cassel get creamed. Our O line is pretty good. I honestly no longer am sure what the biggest problem on offense is, but I know what it isn't: our O line. I think it is still a case of horrible coaching and play-calling. But, even though I think Cassel can be a solid QB, he clearly isn't a good leader. If he had a good rapport with his receivers, he could direct his receivers better and get plays done. I think we missed a huge opportunity not picking up Kellen Moore for the league minimum when he wasn't drafted. He is only the winningest QB in NCAA history, including 12 victories over top 10 teams over his 4 years. Instead, he went to Detroit where he'll never be able to show how good he can be in the NFL. BTW, if Barkley is the best QB in the draft, we better hope Pioli/Hunt pony up for a proven starter at QB. Because Barkley wouldn't have even been drafted last year. This is going to be a backup QB draft.
The above in bold is totally bogus.

I've watch their O-Line -- and saw it up close and personal when they hosted SD at Arrowhead -- get ran over on a continued basis this year. Len Dawson has repeatedly stated during his live broadcasts, week in and week out, that "they aren't getting the job done". The Raiders game is a perfect example. One can easily see the difference between the protection that Carson Palmer received versus what Chiefs QB's received.

Secondly, the statement that Barkley would not have been drafted had he come out for 2012 draft is pure bullsh!t. Buffalo might very well have snapped him up with the 10th overall pick and it's highly doubtful that Cleveland would have taken Weeden over Barkley at #27 overall.

Sounds like you are thinking with Pioli's loser-type mentality.