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Yes, they hated each other when Gruden was in Oakland. I have no idea if they have patched things up.

15 years ago, Jon Gruden was enemy #1. Doesn't anyone remember him running around the field like he just win the superbowl after beating the Chiefs. I hated Gruden more than I hated Oakland.

I think you could make an argument that Gruden's success in Oakland with our QB, Rich Gannon, is what led to Marty being chased out of Kansas City.
Thanks Coach....

I'm a Chiefs fan. Not much of a football fan anymore. Not like I was 25 years ago. So I don't really follow what the other AFC West teams do....and living in the East before the days of the internet there was a lot less AFC west info readily available than there is now. It sucked living in Redskin Country back then.

I gather that you think a situation where both Marty and Gruden were part of the team is unlikely.....

IF Marty were to become GM, do you have any thoughts on who he'd want as Head Coach? I just have this feeling that if Marty agrees to come back he's going to want to be GM.