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That thread is SO 1 sided and unfair it's not funny. It just gives you blind numbers and doesn't include all the factors. That is a 100% UNFAIR way to look at things. That's where I put my Cassel was better in 2010 then Peyton Manning and Drew Brees thing. I give you the blind results and make a judgement Don't throw in any other factors You can spin things to make someone look as good or as bad as you want when you do that. That statement I say about Cassel being better then BRees and Manning is one of the dumbest things I have ever said but I can twist the blind numbers and make that statement. That article is so biased I can't take it seriously. When making a judgement you have to look at the whole picture and what goes into it not just the numbers.
Yes you can spin number to make them look however you want. That's the beauty and curse of statistics. Hence the well known line...there's lies, d@mn lies and then there's statistics.

Bottom line, if you are going to seriously say that Matt Cassel deserves to be the starting QB of the Chiefs for the rest of this year and all of next then there's really nothing left to discuss. I don't care about what numbers he had in what year. Like you said, if you take his body of work over the past 4 years I don't want him as my starting QB and I don't want him in a Chiefs uniform.

I love the guy's heart, spirit and will to win but his ability to deliver that win doesn't match.