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Thread: People who know football know Cassell is not the problem.

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    Default People who know football know Cassell is not the problem.

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    While I don't believe that Matt Cassell is as good as touted it is clear to me that he has the most heart of anyone on the team. And probably want's to win more as well. I saw him scramble for a first down, not slide, and jump up fired up! I don't see any player or coach doing that. He is constantly under pressure every single snap due to what I believe is the real problem our offensive line. The defense rocks! Crennel is a great guy but not a head coach. I'm on the fence with Pioli. We will really see how devoted Hunt is to turning this thing around if he goes after a big name coach. That and focusing on the O line could make this team competitive overnight....with Matt Cassell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doobs_05 View Post
    So he's just as good as Cassel?
    Sort of, but in a different way.

    You've been a football fan long enough to know that when the starting QB gets hurt in a game the backup often comes in and lights a spark. The change in QB often throws such a monkey wrench in the other team's defensive plan that he (the backup QB) can win a bunch of games. Look at what Tebow did for the Donks last year. Look at what Orton did for us last year. Tebow won a bunch of games. Orton won a few....not because they were great QBs, but because defenses had no clue how to game plan for them. When a defense hasn't had a chance to study extensive film of a QB it's much harder to defense against him.

    But in another way, Tebow is just as good as Cassel.... a fine backup but never a long-term solution at QB. I thought Cassel could be a long term solution at QB, but I was wrong on that. Time has proven it.

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