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LOL. You guys are funny. Bowe is has about 1/3 of the receptions and yards for the Chiefs. He's on the pace of almost 100 receptions and about 1200 yards. On arguably the WORST team in the NFL! He's on pace to have his 3rd 1000 yard season in a row.

So he's dropped some passes. Now you want to say he's not clutch. Do you really expect him to catch EVERY clutch pass? If you do, you're living in a fantasy world!

Funny how you all can remember the few dropped passes but not remember all the GREAT ONES he's had.............
No one is saying that Bowe isn't really good. All that is being said is that he doesn't always play up to his talent. Is QB a part of that yes it is. I will also go farther and say that coaching is anther huge part of it. But Bowe gets some of that blame as well. He's not a huge part of the reason that this season has gone the way that it has but he is a part of it just like everyone else on the team.