"Please do not give my compliments to the Chefs," say Kansas City fans. "Take your business elsewhere," replies Scott Pioli.

Any sign calling for the firing of the Chiefs general manager is being confiscated, or the fan risks being kicked out of the stadium for the day. A representative of "Save Our Chiefs" was temporarily detained by Arrowhead Stadium security and was told to stop passing out fliers or he would have to leave. There was a well-coordinated "blackout" by fans in protest of the Chiefs' awful performance this season and it would have looked great if the stands were at least 50% full.

Maybe we can assume that the stands are so empty because there are just that many people that want to express their feelings about Pioli and maybe there's just not much to see today with the 1-8 Chiefs hosting the 4-5 Bengals. What we know for sure is that the fans feel that their first amendment rights have been violated (they likely haven't) and that the Chiefs have not exercised their right to bear an arm at quarterback in a very long time.


should we vote??? or protest and off we go in the paddy wagon