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Now hold up... I am not supporting Pioli but, this isn't anything new... The Chiefs have always confiscated material being passed around in the parking lot. I have seen them shut down people for years. The parking situation is what bothered me the most which casued me to not renew my tickets. I have complained to the Chiefs more than once about their parking procedures. I have seen them specailly hit the peoplt passing out free beads...

The reponse the Chiefs gave, was that the people handing out flyers were holding up traffic. While many say, NO there was no traffic, this is still their procedure regardless of the content on the flyer. Any flyer being handed out needs to be approved by the Chiefs and done while entering the gate to pay.

I have heard people call in saying they had Fire the Walrus, Fire Pioli on signs that they were allowed to take in. People had to take off their Paper bags as they entered just for security, but were not refrained from using it after they got in.

So while many may want to see this as Pioli controlling what people can and can not say. The people organizing it were not turned away becuase of the content but rather how they chose to distribute their opinion. It is not different from any other Sunday at Arrowhead. Even though the Chiefs delay traffic more than any passout by forcing people to follow a single file line to Park where the Chiefs want them to park instead of tailgating in their know spot where everyone can find them without have to call in freezing cold winter where Touch phones wont answer unless you take off your gloves.
I'll agree with you on that part but if this other part is true... "Any sign calling for the firing of the Chiefs general manager is being confiscated, or the fan risks being kicked out of the stadium for the day."

Signs are held up all the time at games. I saw some "Fire Pioli" signs in pictures inside the stadium so I'm thinking this is just some fabrication. If not I want to know why the signs were taken. Other than...big, bad brother Pioli had security take them..yeah that's it!