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Cassel supporters will never admit he sucks. It is always somebody else's fault.
And the haters make EVERYTHING his fault. Anyone who dares to call out the others is labled an excuse maker ect.

The fact is more is wrong with this team then the QB. The QB is wrong And 99.9% of the people here freely admit that. But when WRs drop Catchable passes common sense would tell you the WR dropped the ball and the QB can't catch the ball for the guy. Cassel was getting blamed for the HORRIBLE defense early this season. It's amazing what people blame the man for. Cassel at times has done his part only to be the victim of poor play around him. And it's been the other way around others have been victim of Cassel's poor play. (granted that's more often then the other way around) and every player has been victim of this horrible (and that's being nice) coaching staff.

And to be 100% clear I WANT A NEW QB next season. I don't want Cassel back as the starter. But this notion that some have that if Cassel was gone every thing would be so much better and the chiefs would be winning is just not true. Romeo and Daboll would still be running the offense. A "franchise qb" would make them look better but they wouldn't make them look great. No force on earth can do that. We might be around .500 with a "franchise qb" but we wouldn't be heading to where we want to be. No matter how much some want to deny it Matt Cassel isn't our biggest problem the coaching staff is. Cassel is the biggest player problem but coaching is the biggest issue with this team and there are more player problems that are big problems then the QB. like CB d line it's not making excuses for Cassel it's looking at the whole problem not just one of the big problems and constantly going on and on about it.