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The problem is if the defense gives up a td or WR does drop a ball, that's it. Might as well turn a movie on from your dvr because you know Cassel will NEVER, EVER offset anything done bad by his teammates. You see great qb's do it all of the time, Steelers get pushed back to third and 12, and you see Big Ben throw a 16 yard strike, you saw it today with Kaepernick (Spelling) throwing passes all over the field. Manning is down 24 to frickin 0 and comes back and beats Chargers by double digits, and you keep talking about "dropped balls." I like you Matt, but how long are you going to blame Cassel's awful performances on dropped balls? As Ryfo said WR will drop balls, they do on every team, it's up to the QB to offset some of the bad play of his teammates. That's why he is getting paid all of that fat money. Cassel is and never has been capable to do that. That is why you see such an awful record when we pass more than we run.

Even in the Saints game when we made a come back it was primarily due to Jamaal Charles breaking 80 yard runs.

You will never see him for a full game play brilliantly and keep his team in the game, it's always flat pass this, 5 yard out route that.

There is a reason he was signed to a long term HUGE MONEY deal, to be THE guy, and the sad thing is he isn't. What a blunder by Pioli.
I will agree with you here BUT my point is still that this would not be much more then a .500 team with any qb. The other players have messed up far to much just like Cassel this whole team has messed up when that's happening you have to look at the head coach. This team is getting bad play out of the QB spot but they are getting bad play across the board. Our head coach is suppose to be a great defensive coach. We are in the bottom 5 in points allowed.

Cassel is a guy who with a very good OC can look decent and play decent. We saw it with the Pats and in KC in 2010. He's never going to be anything without a VERY good OC. He's not a guy who is good enough to make the talent around him play better which is what we would need if we want to win big games. He's not as bad as he has played this year and you can say that about a lot of players. Cassels poor play has hurt others around him. And the other way around. This teams poor coaching has hurt every player. Changing the QB won't suddenly make Romeo a good head coach. Just like changing the OC won't make Cassel a great QB. We need both changes if we are going to be a good football team we won't be much better then .500 with just one change. That's what I have been saying. I agree Cassel needs to go but he's not the only one who needs to go. He's not the biggest problem The coaching staff is