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No! Which sucks, I might pull my Christmas decorations out of the attic when I get home from church and start putting them up instead of listening and following the game on the internet and to think I was thinking about getting Dish system so I could get NFL ticket this year glad I keep my FIOS and money! Lenny is not even giving the team a hard time on the broadcast, I think he has given up on them also.
Do not get Dish! Get Direct T.V. Unless you meant "dish" as a generic statement then disregard this message
Did anyone else know that if you have a playstation3 system+ internet= you can stream NFL ticket? I just found this out about a week ago.( I'm a bit slow on technology, okay?) Not a chance I'd fork out the money with us @ 1-9 but something to think about next year. There's always next year. Unless the Mayans were correct, that is. In which case