I have heard several times that the former players are not exactly welcome at the new Arrowhead. Pioli has taken the players away from the community and it seems has disconnected his team from the past greats.

I wonder if this is the reason for the lack of team identity that Piolis Chiefs have been showing? I listened to Kevin Ross on a podcast earlier this week and was stunned that he has more passion for this team than what we are hearing from our current players.

The Charles autograph non-story aside I never get the feeling this group of players understand the history of this division, the games against the rivals don't have that punch I grew to love. I have to wonder if they allowed the former players to be involved with this team that we wouldn't be far ahead of where we are.

Once an understanding of the division is driven into these players and those games become what they should be the rest of the games will fall into place.