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    Quote Originally Posted by jason1981 View Post
    Stop comparing alex smith to cassel. Alex is way better the cassel and has better stats. Alex has better stats even with more cordinaters. He was on his way to the pro bowl before he got hurt this year. And he should have went to the superbowl last year if it wasnt for their 2 special teams fumbles. I take smith over cassel anyday. Alex is capable of getting us to a superbowl. He was the reason 49ers won the last few years. Alex smith may not be elite but no way is he cassel2.0.
    Alex Smith: Comp. Att. %. Yards. Avg. TD. INT
    1,290 2,177 59.3 14,280 6.6 81 63

    Matt Cassel: Comp. Att. %. Yards. Avg. TD. INT
    1,203 2,044 58.9 13,495 6.6 82 57

    Career Numbers in the exact same amount of years they've played except cassel only attempted 18 passes for 215 yards in his 1st 2 years in the league. Alex Smith didn't play 2008. Not only does cassel have better #'s but in 1 less year.

    Matt Cassel = 1 Pro Bowl
    Alex Smith = 0 Pro Bowls

    Matt Cassel's OC's:
    2005 third string = McDaniels
    2006 on bench = McDaniels
    2007 on bench = McDaniels
    2008 starting 15 games = McDaniels
    2009 in KC = Haley
    2010 = Weiss
    2011 = Muir
    2012 = Daboll
    Total = 5 OC's in 5 years being a starter

    Alex Smith's OC's:
    2005 playing 9 games = Mike McCarthy
    2006 staring = Norv Turner
    2007 starting = Jim Hostler
    2008 benched = Mike Martz
    2009 starting = Jimmy Raye
    2010 starting = jimmy raye, replaced by mike johnson 1/3 thru season
    2011 starting = greg roman
    2012 starting = greg roman
    Total = 6 OC's (you could say 7 although i'm sure mike johnson kept everything intact) in 7 years of starting.

    Now lets look at this a bit deeper. Matt Cassel had 2 OC's that were known to be QB guru's, McDaniel's and Weiss. And under thos OC's he had 2 extrememly good years, 1 sent him to the probowl the other got him several accolades including

    • 2 AFC Offensive Player of the Week (2008)
    • Back to back 400-yard games (2008)
    • USA Today All-Joe team (2008)

    Now Alex smith had 3 OC's that are known to be QB guru's. Norv, McCarthy, and Martz, And you could even say his new HC Haurbaugh is a QB guru aswell. And smith had 1.5 good seasons before being yanked and replaced. No ProBowls and

    Who's better as apposed to worth?
    alex smith due 8.5 millon in 2013
    matt cassel due 7.5 millon in 2013

    Matt Cassel in 2010 > Alex Smith in 2011/12 with a good OC and putting the right system around him.

    Lets compare their quote unquote probowl years shall we?

    matt cassel's 2010 season :
    Year,Games Played, Attempts, Comp., Yards, TD, INT, QB Rating.....
    2010- 15- 450- 262 -3,116 -27 - 7 - 93.0

    Alex Smith's 2011 season :
    Year,Games Played, Attempts, Comp., Yards, TD, INT, QB Rating.....
    2011-16- 445- 273- 61.3- 3144- 17- 5- 90.7
    2012-10- 218- 153- 70.2- 1737- 13- 5- 104.1
    Was Smith having a better year in 2012? Yes, was it going to be anything more than game manager? No

    What was the 49ers strength of schedule for the 2011 season? .449
    what was the chiefs strength of schedule for the 2010 season? .414

    People want the IT factor of a guy that can throw his team on his back and lead them to victory against the tough teams in this league, people ***** about cassel all the time that he can't do this and we can't take peoples backups that don't have the IT factor and can't do that.. Guess what Alex smith is the same guy people ***** they don't want.
    There is a reason he was benched. He is a game manager that has to have the right system around him, and a strong run game, just like cassel. He was benched for Kaep cause Kaep is a game changing gun slinger that can either run you to victory or throw you to victory. Neither of which alex can do. and he's proved it.

    So you were saying?

    Oh and for those that say Smith is a better scrambler.

    Cassel's carreer #:
    Att, Yrds, Avg, TD
    168 612 3.6 3

    Smith's carreer #:
    Att, Yrds, Avg, TD
    212 761 3.58 4
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