Cassel will count for 7.5 against the cap if he's kept, if he's cut we will save 5 mil against the cap. Alex smith is due for 7.5 mil and a 1 mil roster bonus, i'm not sure if we would have to pick that up. But smith knows there are teams that will pay him to start, and he wants to start, he won't come here to just be a stop gap or to compete.

Cassel on the other hand i'm sure would restructure his deal to stay here and compete as the market for him will pretty much be non-exsistent. And with andy reid being as good as he is with QB's it may just be what cassel needs, ALA what he did in NE with mcdaniels and passing for 4000+ yards and 2 back to back 400 yrd passing games. And if it wasn't for the fluke that year if they would have gotten into the playoffs with their 11-5 record i have no doubt they would have made a run to the championship.

Cassel is a proven winner. IF you put the right pieces and coaching around him, same with smith. only difference is we already have one that will come alot cheaper!