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It could also be like 2004 when Eli, Rivers, Ben came out. Nobody knows. Which is exactly why you have to take that shot. I don't want to be looking back on this in 2016 while the Raiders, Jaguars, and Cardinals all snag franchise QBs and the Chiefs use their first overall pick on a LB.

This is all hypothetical, but in a QB-first league, you have to be willing to take chances when it comes to the QB position.
I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you that we need a qb. A case can be made that we draft the best player in the draft number while still being able to draft back up to get a qb we need as I see it there's a high likelihood of good qbs being available.

It just freaking sucks we get the number one pick when there's no one really worthy. Bill polian got the shaft. He got it right one crappy season to secure 10 to 15 years of success. 2 franchise qbs back to back and the dude got fired.