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You're right Chiefster, it's tiresome with these idiots who think that it's the guns' fault. He shot her 9 times. Would he have stabbed her 30? Strangled her? Beat her to death? Bob Costas is an *** and always will be.
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They both believe that they know that Jovan wouldn't have murdered her had he not had a gun around, and they nor anyone else can prove what he would have done. Their logic is basically that if banning guns can save lives, then it should be done. What they fail to acknowledge though is that not banning guns also saves lives.
Agreed, They both fail to address, IMO, the real issue that being the crime itself. Murder and suicide existed long before there were firearms. I don't own a firearm nor am I card carrying member of the NRA, I simply recognize where this line of thinking leads and it's not a good place. If "they" can take away a persons right to bear arms then what's to keep them from stripping us of other freedoms as well.