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I dont like the idea of letting him go, because then we need to draft someone to be a backup tackle. Id rather have a really good backup and sign Albert for a reasonable price.
I got a better idea. Sign Albert as a backup for cheap & if he won't do it, let him walk. Albert has got a back problem & he probably won't get a big contract offer from another team that people think he's going to get. Stephenson brings a mean streak to the LT position that Albert never did.

They might look at getting a backup swing Tackle via FA first before drafting one. They'll have the cap space.

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The more I watch him play the more I see them letting Albert go. Financially it just makes sense.
Notice how Jeff Allen seems to be playing better the last two games since Stephenson stepped in along side of him? People may not think so, but it's starting to look like Stephenson and Allen playing together full time have upgraded the left side of their O-Line over Albert and Lilja.

Besides, Stephenson and Allen are not only the present, they are the future. Albert and Lilja are the past or at least, soon to be.

If Pioli did one thing right, it may have been drafting the left side of the Chiefs O-line this past spring which could be excellent for many years to come.