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The reason I'm not going to argue with you is because you have a tendency to simplify everything to one random game that supports your view.
This is laughable coming from someone who takes an article that just has blind stats does not include some pretty BIG factors as the gospel just to say Cassel sucks. Anyone who dares to think that lack of talent around a guy in one of the years stated the fact that one of the years included in the article this team almost broke the record for dropped passes might be a factor in some of those stats being as bad as they are just has a "love fest for Cassel" But yet when I talk about Geno Smith only being 6-5 all of a sudden you want to talk about the poor defense around him and all that. You want to include all the factors you refuse to listen to with Cassel for your guy. Your double standard is clear.

My whole point is that you make it out to be that these teams are so bad that any joe can come in and beat them so the Qbs we have get no credit for them from you. That's not how it works in the NFL. It's hard to win 1 game. You just have this mindset Our QBS get all the blame when we lose no credit when we will. You have a clear biased against our QBS. I freely state our QB play has been poor but when they do well I don't still bash them. I don't make excuses when they win. And When other talent Fs up I have no problem saying they Fed up. You ignore the other talents Fing things up to say see how bad our QBs are. Bowe gets outplayed by our backup TE all we here is how it's the QB's fault. All I ask is for you to either be fair or just admit you hate our QBS be honest about it. I don't have to agree with it but I can respect it.

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Cam Newton is a pretty damn good QB too. My view is more looking back on the 2010 season and saying, "Wow, they were able to beat some bad teams, but did nothing against good ones." And yes, Quinn played well, but I'm not going to foolishly say this is the magic bullet solution after 1 good game just because he plays for my favorite team.
And those bad teams beat some good teams. Including the then defending super bowl champs Twice. Every week in the NFL some bad team beats a good team almost. Doesn't mean those wins don't count or are any different then any other win.

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I'm fine with Quinn staying to compete. I think it would be a great idea for all the reasons brdempsey69 said. I would really like to see him perform like that against a team like the Broncos though. Doesn't change my opinion that this team should use its draft position to draft the best QB.
And he will get his chance against Denver if he doesn't get hurt. And I have said that I want him to have a chance IF he keeps up what he did today. A chance not hand him the job. I want anther QB from somewhere. I don't see a QB in the draft that's a "can't miss" guy. So if we go elsewhere I'm fine with that. I don't really care where anther QB comes from just as long as there is one there to compete with Brady for the job IF he does what he did today going forward.