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People's Exhibit A:

They've just now figured it out that Tyson Jackson should be on the field playing DT in obvious passing situations along with Poe. That was something that should have been given a try many moons ago given that Jackson was a #3 overall pick.

They just never gave him the chance to play on the D-Line on obvious passing situations & now they are finding out that there is some value keeping him on the field every down & he's sacking the QB.

My point is, we didn't see TJ's value as an every-down D-Lineman because they didn't give him that chance to demonstrate it.

That's a good example there are a lot of things to point to about Horrible QB play this year I'm not going to deny that or make excuses for that. But there have been just as many if not more coaching blunders to deny or make excuses for. When the play across the board has been as bad as we have seen you have to point to the head coach. There's no excuse for that either. Nobody should make excuses for it as well.