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2. It was a 35-3 game, a complete blowout. It just makes me sick that a 60 million dollar qb can't put up points. If you recall, I said Bowe was "The only one playing hard."

Well obviously looking back everyone can agree we would of been much better off with Kyle Orton. What do you think is more complicated? One man trying to figure out his teammates and the opposing defense, or one defense going against a simplistic offensive gameplan?

For some reason I cant highlight my second and third answers in bold up above, but they are in there.
So 7 points against Denver is succeeding? Losing to Oakland because we couldn't get the ball in the end zone is succeeding? Why are your standards for Orton so low but for Cassel so high if Orton is clearly the bettter guy?

Bowe Played hard? Then why wasn't he doing anything till the game was already over? Is he just not as good as we thought that he just couldn't preform? I know you will blame Cassel because it's what you haters do when the offense struggles excuse everyone else or say they played bad because of Cassel. I won't buy that. We have seen Bowe play better then he has a lot of the times this season WITH CASSEL at qb. But go on living in fantasy land where everything would be roses if we just had anther QB. I'll stick to the real world and look at the WHOLE problem not just one peace of the problem because I think you have to look at the WHOLE problem if you're going to fix it. But I have and will continue to admit QB has been a big problem it's just not easy to say we would be so much better with any QB seeing how many times this year others have failed in there job.