Yep I don't really think it's an injury he's never listed as limited or anything. Our coaching staff just doesn't know what to do with talent how people don't see how this coaching staff is the biggest problem I will never no
I think it's because cassel repeatedly focused on bowe. I remember a few of those catches were at critical times. The coaching is really bad, there are many targets that have gone unused...Maneri, moeaki. I like breaston but if you buy a jaguar with big monthly payments and let it sit in the garage then you're the idiot. They should drive him more often.
The problem with Breaston is not talent, drive or's coaching and Cassel. Our team is LOADED with talent and we simply are not using it. Our entire offense amounts to JC and Bowe.

Positively shameful.
Agreed on all points. Yeah Cassel did focus on Bowe, but it's not uncommon for QB's to have that one go-to guy. Quinn did the same thing today, look at the results...

It's preaching to the choir, but can only relate the coaching problem this way...Imagine what Dick Vermeil and Al Saunders could've done if they had the recieving corps that we have now. Now, look at what Crennel, Dabol and Zorn have accomplished....BIG difference.

It sucks that the Chiefs season is lower than whale doo-doo but it's time to move on, play what we've got on the benches and start evaluating talent while the team is in a spot to afford more losses, and get ready for 2013 regardless of who's coaching.