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Yes, we fired Todd Haley got competitive for a game, then hired that HC becuase of that one game and are now in a worse situation.

So lets say we fire, Dabol, and have Zorn take over as offense. Lets say the offense looks good against the RAIDERS who has a bigger point differential than the Chiefs. Do we hire Zorn as OC cause he is failing miserably as a QB coach.

The answer to the replacement is not part of the current coaching regime. It is external and very few viable coaches are available until the season is over.

So it does limit the options to who will be hired as well as leave a void for three more games unless you prefer jumping before looking and hope for the best.
I get what you are saying I just want some accountabilty and some change in the right direction. Herm backs into the playoffs then boom we talks huge steps backwards the. We win the division and boom huge steps backwards again. Just frustrated as all get out.