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Why did the Chiefs beat the Panthers? The same reason the Mountaineers lost to so many teams. Their defense can't stop my grandma. However, as of late, the Panthers have been dominating everyone. Cam Newton is more than capable of winning games on a balanced team and so is Geno Smith.
The reason the panthers lost to the chiefs was that no one wanted to play the game you do remember what happened the Saturday before don't you???? You guys expect everyone to give into the fact that Geno is the best qb in this draft but in no way will concede he is the best qb in a week qb class. A gang sign flashing qb in no way shape or form is ready to lead an NFL franchise. Pretty sure the nock on cam newton is he is a prima Donna and not a leader. I know I saw Steve smith tear into his arse on tv for his body language.

Andrew luck and rgiii are worth the picks they went at because they are the face on the franchise now. I don't give a rats arse about his stats his attitude towards fans in the stands is enough for me. And if you don't know they don't even sell booze at college games how he's gonna react on the road to an over served nfl fanatic.