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i am no longer infuriated nor outraged by our play [or lack there of]. i have become numb emotionally to this horrendous season and at least that leaves me with a somewhat more logical less emotional hope for next year. i have always said if we win only one game a year it had better be home against the radrs. to not score a point against an equally dreadful team is about as low as it gets. i fully expect a total house cleaning and i hope we accidentaly win a game or two this year just to drop down in the draft a little. i can no longer get upset over how badly we play this year, regardless of how pathetic it will be. i only hope that next year my over zealous enthusiasm returns at it always has.
Numb, for me I am numb to the point that I turn the game on and then fall asleep. That never happened before for me. At this point I will likely not even watch the final two games.