To my recollection there are two maybe three members that knew this season was gonna be a joke. MMO, now MMH, Dbolan, and 2010 Chiefs.

Ryfo and everyone else thought that the success Brian Daboll had in the final games of 2011, the success with Reggie Bush and Peyton Hillis, was gonna crossover to success in KC. Almost all on this board thought that Cassel with an OC and a stable HC was gonna have success. We all thought the D was gonna be a top 10 D and maybe a top 5 D. Granted the offense hasn't helped but lets face it the D has been crushed a couple of games. So now we sit with the number one pick in the NFL draft.

Without a doubt thisi is not the year to have the number one pick. To all you Geno lovers i just ask you to watch the texas game, and his actions throughout. The Kstate Game, the Texas tech game. Texas tech is not a defensive juggernaut they never have been. The weakness of the big 12 this year should speak volumes.

But whatever i have been a member of this board since 2007 and will continue to be a member but to not allow people to form opinions is weak.

My Man Hali you got jumped all over and were correct. But the people that you think are so outstanding thought these chiefs would have success. You sir were correct and above all else should know that one's feelings are just that, yours happened to be correct but you never know someone else's even though they differ from yours may be correct also. So all this freaking digging and ascinine comments poking fun because you dont agree is so bloody childish. I don't like Geno Smith no one is gonna change my mind about just you like you guys can't see that Te'o is more than just an inside line backer. Some people just have it there is no explanation for it they just do.

So three 7's, ryfo, bdempsey go ahead call me an idioit laugh at me all you want. I don't give a flying mother effin eff. Im a first generation american that's busted his *** to be successful and can take it.

Say NO TO GENO!!!!