So the last superbowls are Tom Brady-3, Big Ben-2, Eli-2, Drew Brees 1, Aaron rogers-1, Peyton-1.

So lets take a look at the qb dafts since 2002 and only the top 3.

2002 2003
David Carr-1 Carson Palmer-1
Joey Harrington-3 Byron Leftwich-7
Patrick Ramsey-32 Kyle Boeller-19

2004 2005
Eli Manning-1 Alex Smith-1
Phillip Rivers-4 Aaron Rodgers-24
Big Ben-11 Jason Campbell-25
Matt Schuab (rnd 3)

2006 2007
Vince Young-3 Jamarcus Russel-1
Matt Leinart-10 Brady Quinn-22
Jay Cutler-11 Kevin Kolb-Rnd 2

2008 2009
Matt Ryan-3 Matt Stafford-1
J Flacco-18 Mark Sanchez-5
Brian Brohm-25 Josh Freeman-17

2010 2011
Sam Bradford-1 Cam Newton-1
Tim Tebow-25 Jake Locker-8
Jimmy Clausen-Rnd 2 B Gabbert-10

The 2011 draft had a lot of qbs we took Stanzi and passed on Daulton, Kaepernick, Ryan Mallett. Then we have the 2012 draft

Andrew Luck-1
R Tannehill-8
Brandon Weeden
Russel Wilson
Brock Osweiler
Kirk Cousisn
Nick Foles

Looking at the list its more important for the front office to know when there is talent available. 2011 and 2012 we could have pulled the trigger and didn't. But yeah lets just grab the highest rated qb because he's the highest rated qb. I don't know what the stats are but looking at the list its pretty freaking low to have success.