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I don't want Stanzi to start unless you can tell me who he would throw to. Since Breaston doesn't "understand the offense" why would anyone want to throw Stanzi out there to throw to Copper,Newsome,Baldwin what has he ever done to you
I just think he shouldve been in there 5 games ago. See what he is about and would be having 6 games under his belt. Find out if he truly IS horrible, instead of hearing people base his whole abilities off of a preseason game. Shouldve been seeing his potential or lack of, in games that were meaningless, anyways. Biggest mistake by this staff. And people consider it tanking games by putting him in. Wtf? We just wanna see what he can do. Now he is going to be a huge question mark next year when we couldve had a pretty definitive answer on him by now.