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I did watch stanzi at iowa, being a Penn State fan i saw him at least a couple of times a year, plus highlights every week. he was VERY effective. he won a lot of games for them. now the pro game is different than college but at iowa he did extend alot of plays and made good reads and throws routinely.
True. The pro game is. I campaigned to see Palko and we all know what happened with that mess. But at least we saw he was horrible and had a couple games to see if he could adapt. He couldnt and he is gone. So we wouldve had 5 or so truly meaningless games to show if Stanzi could adapt to a pro level. Maybe he wouldve came to life...maybe not. If he has one foot out the door, i don't get why people are so worried if he has good recievers to throw to or not. As we all see, we didnt have even close to a competitive team. Thats not hindsight, we knew our team was bad before this last stretch of games. So we would've lost zero. Its a mute point. We have a say in it, anyways.
And Seek, the fence thing was a breeze. Ive got about 30 hrs worth of tattoo work, so I can take pain...wait, maybe thats where the "numb noggin" might apply to me???