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I think we're ignoring DL too much. I know we drafted a NT first round, but anyone who thought Poe was going to amount to anything didn't want any film on him. DL don't go from average college player to dominant NFL player, just doesn't happen. Matter of fact most of what I've heard is he'd be better off at DE because he's athletic but not physical enough to play NT. Get a guy like Star Lotulelei and you're getting the true star DL we wanted without reaching like Pioli did with Jackson. And if Dorsey leaves we're gonna need more DL anyhow so why not take the likely best player available?
I would love to see Poe go to the 3-4 DE. He is athletic enough to do it and put him next to another 350 guy at the nose tackle spot would be interesting. Dorsey is as good as gone IMHO.