I have no idea, geez, seriously we need to see something from this team, we have been incredibly bad for 8 years now and I do not see anything getting any better.

I was pessimistic when we started this season even when others were saying we would win the division. Crennel has never shown the ability to lead this team and when he chose his assistant staff, it was pathetic.

I hope Clark and or Pioli have something up there sleeves after this season. I am pessimistic that Pioli will be gone but we will see.

I think after this season, unless Hunt is ready to lay out some serious money, we are going to be a cellar dweller again next year, and I am not talking about free agents either. I think we have talent on this team, we need some spots, but I really think coaching is the biggest issue we have with a close second being QB.

We have about three more weeks before we see where this team will be next year.