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I'm not as unhappy as most about the performance of Pioli. I will be just fine with them bringing him back. He has made some blunders, but so does every GM. This his last shot to find the right coach in my opinion.

A good coach would go .500 with this team. We desperately need a QB that can stretch the field. Someone that has enough arm to throw 20 yard passes with velocity. Cassel has incredible heart in my opinion. But it's simply not enough to overcome his lack of arm strength. We have a WR that can stretch the field in Baldwin but don't have a QB who can get the ball down field to him.

A good coaching staff, a QB with a better arm would bring us back to relevance. I'm afraid we are much farther away from a title than I thought 6 months ago tho. We need to sign Albert to a long term deal.

My vote is keep Pioli and hire another new coach. Unless we can land Bill Polian as GM. I think they would need to strongly consider making that move. The Bill Polian rumors are heating up again.
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Coach you have to be kidding. Keep Pioli?! First of all, no gm should ever be given the chance to hire THREE head coaches in 5 seasons, and you trust him to make that decision again?

The player personnel is even worse. He has not picked one starting calibur WR or CB in his 4 seasons here. Jon Baldwin, in the words of Solomon Wilcots from Sunday's game, "Jon Baldwin, the second year man out of Kansas City has trouble running routes and gets absolutely no seperation." Baldwin is a bust, all I have ever seen him do is jump in the air and tip the ball with one hand, he is never open, especially in man to man coverage. He just looks for jump balls.

The qb situation is even worse, during his tenure he has picked up Stanzi, Quinn, Cassel and Palko, absolutely hideous. And yet yo uwant him on board handling that situation, yet again?

He botched an ENTIRE draft in 2009, and in his 4 seasons in KC he has only two promising players in Justin Houston and Eric Berry . We saw on Sunday Pioli's product, that was his offense that he created, and it was absolutely horrendous.

I hope Pioli flies back to Boston after the Denver game.