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Thread: A different defense ?

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    I was thinking about this. If they draft Lotulelei or Jones from Georgia they could change from the 3-4 easy , could even still use it at times.
    With Lotulelei they could possibly have very solid standard 4-3 line. w/ him and Powe they would plug and push the middle W/ DJ behind them to clean up , using Poe at end w/ Hali and Houston on the outside gives options on blitzes.
    Jones would make them really versatile , something like the old blitzburgh style w/ the end and backer swapping on some plays.
    What does the Crowd think about these possible moves for the defense ? I know it does nothing for the offense but at least in my mind we could at least be in games instead of being down by 17 or more all the time.

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    Tyson Jackson and Glen Dorsey could possibly both be gone. Most likely Dorsey will be gone and Jackson will be back. We have a glaring need on the defensive line in that case because there is nobody to step in for Dorsey. If they do stay at the top of the draft Star seems the best choice by far at the moment and move Powe to DE. Myself I would like to see the Chiefs move down and try to pick up some extra picks.

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    I'm all for a 4-3.. we could get much better pocket pressure and in turn hello the db's

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