Geno Smith...great arm, good runner, elusive can extend plays, waits too long to decide to run, inconsistan accuracy, sometimes locks on, makes poor reads

Matt Barkley....makes good decisions, accurate, lacks arm strength, may be a usc system QB ie...leinart, cassel etc, is a little undersized

Tyler Wilson....can be very accurate, makes good reads but is at times over confident and will force into coverage, lacks touch on short passes, lacks arm strength

Ryan Nassib....nice accuracy, shows a lot of poise, mobil in the pocket, superior ball handling[fakes], good arm strength, makes bad reads under pressure!

Aaron Murray....athletic, good arm strength, nice accuracy but will force balls into coverage[over confident], a little undersized

none of these are early first round prospects, in fact they all are pretty similar in their nfl projections, so mid 1st to early 2nd round you would still get about the same talent at QB,,,,,none of which appear to be a sure thing. just based on the QB talent vs other talents we should opt to take best available first round if we cannot trade down then QB next