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So, if the Chiefs go into Denver and demolish the Broncos and Charles has 250+ rushing yards and 3 TDs, but starts flashing gang signs, will you instantly hate him?

Sorry, but this all sounds like a great big excuse to not draft a QB. Sometimes you have to take risks, and even if there's a chance it doesn't pay off, you have to keep trying. Trust me, if the Raiders ended up drafting Geno Smith and own us for the next 15 years, I think you'd see what I mean.
Look... Hind sight will always be 20/20. Maybe Geno is our savior. But all we have to determine that is what he has done so far. And while his college stats are impressive (especially his completion %) I think we can both agree it takes a hell of a lot to make it as a successful QB in the NFL.

You hear all the time about how the most important part of scouting is the interviews. I myself see this as a glimpse of someone showing their true colors. This video gives any fan the morale authority to question this person especially with the assumption that we are to take him with such a valuable pick.

Maybe the raiders do take him and they own us for 15 years... But I bet you would be hard pressed to find RGIII, Luck, Wilson, Ryan, just to name a few young successful QBs, flashing gang signs to opposing teams. Maybe Jamarcus russell or mike vick come to mind. Pacman Jones?

Look at where you work and who you would hire on your staff... If you tell me right now that if you saw a potential future hire on the street flashing gang signs before his interview, and then came in and said everything you wanted to hear, that you would not have your doubts? you say that and I let it rest.