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Like you I'm not 100% sold on Geno but I do think you're making a tad to much of the gang signs thing he's 22 years old I'm 28 going to be 29 in a couple of weeks I now look at some things I did when I was around 20 and think how stupid they were. Give him a bit of slack and let him grow up a tad. And not let one moment form your opinion one someone. I'm sure you have had some moments in your life where you wouldn't want people to judge you on
You are right but in my life i was ever gonna be the number one pick of the NFL draft chosen to a lead a franchise with hundreds of thousands of fans. I in a million years could never be that person. Like most of us we just aren't those people. If this is the face of the franchise, to me, he would never ever do that. You think Peyton or Tom Brady or drew Bree's or Aaron Rodgers, who is arrogant as eff, has been caught doing that. This idiot did it in front of a hundred thousand fans.