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I'm with nigeriannightmare on this. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with race, it has everything to do with what he did. I too grew up around it and know what the blood symbol means and stands for. Players throw up hand gestures and signs all the time but the BLOOD symbol is a VERY VERY VERY Significant hand gesture with a VERY VERY VERY significant meaning behind it. THat is one symbol you don't throw up just because your pumped up or hyped up. NOBODY would get away with throwing that sign up in certain neighborhoods. You wouldn't make it 3 blocks before you got shot if you did that in certain neighborhoods. Some of the worst crime in this country has been over that symbol and the crips symbols and ways of life, Notorious BIG, Tupac are 2 prime examples of what happens when situations like the 1 geno put himself into comes up. What to say geno with his new found money and being on top of the world isn't partying in downtown KC and throws that sign because he gets all amped up over a confrontation? You guys do remember what just happened with belcher. you really think this organization needs another incident? You guys bash larry johnson for his antics, you think geno will be different? larry johnson spit in a womens face that was harassing him, but is it going to be ok when geno gets into a brawl and lord knows the outcome while he's throwing a blood symbol? The kids just got trouble written all over him

Geno get his "thug" image from that blatant idiotic gesture he did throwing that sign, and also his antics on the field and on the sideline when things aren't going his way.
Thank you!